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Academy of Music

240 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19102


Frequently Asked Questions

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The Academy of Music is located at 240 South Broad Street in Philadelphia.

The Academy of Music first opened its doors for performances in 1857 and has been in continuous use ever since, making it the oldest opera house in the United States. It was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1963.

There are wheelchair and power-chair or scooter accessible locations where patrons can remain in their wheelchairs or transfer to theater seats. Patrons who cannot or do not wish to transfer from their seat to a theatre seat should request wheelchair accessible seating locations when ordering tickets. Wheelchair accessible seats may be purchased online or by calling Patron Services at 215.893.1999 or 215.875.7633 TTY for location and availability for specific venues and events.

Wheelchair accessible seating is located in the Parquet Circle and Balcony Sections of the Academy of Music. These locations allow room for a wheelchair or a theatre seat for those who wish to transfer. Companion seating is available either side-by-side or directly in front of the Wheelchair-accessible seating. Companion seating is NOT wheelchair accessible.

Restrooms are located on all levels of the house and are for the most part fully accessible to all Patrons.

Yes, there are two elevators, one on each side of the house. The elevators do travel to each level of the house, plus the coat check and restroom facilities on the lower level.

For the vast majority of seating areas, yes, some access by stairs is required. This can be as few as one or two small steps, or as many as two dozen or more, depending on the seating section. Generally, the farther back in the house, the fewer steps required.

Yes, there are assistive listening devices available for use by the public on a first come, first serve basis. Patrons should see an usher or house manager for use of ALDs upon arrival. An ID is required as a deposit in exchange for the ALD. They transmit on a radio frequency.

Coat check is located on every level of the house, with the largest, main coat check located on the lower level.

Because of the historic nature of the building, there are several locations that can have a limited or obstructed view of the stage. These are largely the result of fifteen support columns which run floor to ceiling through each level of the house, and provide structural stability to the three balconies. Seats behind or around these columns will have a limited view of the stage, with the degree of limitation varying based on type of performance and proximity to the column. All of these seats are clearly labeled on the seat map, and can vary by company.

Some seats may also have a limited view due entirely to their angle to the stage, and not related to the proximity of a support column. These seats tend to be on the sides of the upper balconies, and closest to the stage. They are also clearly labeled on seating charts and can vary by company.

Booster seats are available at the Academy of Music on a first come, first served basis, and may be used on the Parquet level only.

The Academy of Music at full capacity seats approximately 2900 Patrons, making it one of the largest performing arts venues in the city.

The distance of the last row will vary based on seating section:
    Parquet Circle = 105 feet
    Balcony = 110 feet
    Family Circle = 115 feet
    Amphitheater = 125 feet

Yes, there are box seats located on both the Parquet and Balcony levels. These consist of loose, plus chairs and are configured in boxes of either four or six. The Academy of Music also has Proscenium boxes located immediately next to the stage on both the Parquet and Balcony levels, but these are rarely offered for sale to the public.

This will vary on a show by show basis, as will the number of seats, and seating configuration. Orchestra Pit rows are designated with a tripe letter, with up to four rows available for seating.

Seating at the Academy of Music is located on four levels, with each level further divided into separate designations or sections. The Parquet is the ground floor level of the building, and is divided into four designations: Orchestra Pit, Parquet, Parquet Boxes, and Parquet Circle. The Orchestra Pit is located immediately in front of the stage, and can have up to four rows of seating (AAA-DDD). Behind this is the Parquet section, with four rows of double letters (AA-EE) and eighteen rows of single letters (A-S, excluding I). Each row is divided into three sections. The left section is numbered using odd numbers staring with 1 on the center-left aisle, and ascending. The right section is numbered using even numbers starting with 2 on the center-right aisle, and ascending. The center section is numbered beginning with 101 on the center-right aisle and ascending consecutively to the center-left aisle. Parquet Boxes surround the Parquet section in a horseshoe shape, and are numbered clockwise from 5-30. Some boxes have four seats, some six, with each seat numbered individually within the box. Immediately behind the Parquet Boxes, and also in a horseshoe shape, is the Parquet Circle. This is divided by entry ways into nine sections, labeled clockwise from A-I. Seating in the center section, E, is numbed beginning with 101 on its right aisle and ascending consecutively to 114 on its left aisle. Sections A-D are numbered using even numbers starting with 2 on the left aisle of D, and ascending as they approach the stage. Sections F-I are numbered using odd numbers starting with 1 on the right aisle of F, and ascending as they approach the stage. The Balcony, located on the second level of the house and above the Parquet Circle, is divided into three sections. The front of the balcony in sections C-G consists of box seats, numbered clockwise from 31-42. Some boxes have four seats, some six, with each seat numbered individually within the box. The front in sections A-B, H-I is called the balcony loge, and is labeled with two rows of double letters (AA-BB). Immediately behind these is the regular balcony section, labeled in the same fashion as the Parquet Circle. The second and third balconies are known as the Family Circle and Amphitheater respectively. They both follow the same numbering scheme as the Parquet Circle. 

This will vary based on the type of performance which you wish to attend, as each company performing at the Academy of Music will have it’s own group sales contact.

The Academy of Music box office opens two hours prior to a scheduled performance at the theater, and will remain open until 30 minutes after start time.

The Academy of Music Box Office is only open two hours prior to each performance. Walk-up ticket sales are available at the Kimmel Center Box Office daily from 10AM to 6PM.

Due to the Academy’s busy performance calendar, tours are available on select dates, by reservation only. For Academy of Music tour information and reservations, please call 215-790-5886.