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    From our Patrons 


    "The level of service I received is unheard of in this day.  I've told many of my friends about this experience with your department"  Emily T.
    "Please know we are so very grateful for the most courteous and intelligent manner in which you resolved this matter.  In so doing, you further enhanced for us the good image of the Orchestra." Charles D.


    "Ticket Philadelphia provides the best customer service I have encountered in a long time, and I thank you for that."  Susan G.


    "Thank you very much for your prompt, courteous, efficient and user -friendly service." Joan A.


    "I called today to research a problem my father was having with a ticket order for a show this evening at the Academy. B____ from your staff returned my call and was professional, friendly and extremely helpful. He kept me updated as he researched the issue and was able to resolve the problem. He was such a big help, I wanted to make you aware of his great job.  Thank you for the great service!"  Bonnie T.


    "K__ was so kind and exceedingly helpful.  It made the evening so much more enjoyable to have this seating." Dr. Allen K.


    "Just wanted you to know that my husband and I saw Chicago last night and we could not have enjoyed it more. The show was absolutely fantastic, the theater is beautiful, and the seats were very good. Thank you so much for the professional way my complaints were handled. I tell everybody about my experience, and they find it hard to believe that the Academy of Music even cared enough to respond. We certainly will look for future shows and will be returning patrons. Thank you so much!"  Carole C.


    "Thank you so much! You guys have such great customer service!" Mandy S.

    "I just wanted to tell you what an outstanding job S__ did… She really took her time helping us find just the right seats.  Thank you again for such exceptional service." Gina A.


    "I called and had the pleasure of being assisted by C___.  I am not ordinarily given to notes such as this, but her professionalism, grace and personality merited special attention.  She was attentive to my problem; researched to insure that there would not be double billing; advised me on seating; processed a sales order; she pleasantly made it VERY clear that there were no returns (you must occasionally deal with some really vapid folk); and expressed enthusiasm for her job and employer.  I know nothing about this young person except that she will be an asset to any organization she serves."  Kenneth  H.



    From our Clients 


    "I just wanted to thank you – and everyone over at Ticket Philadelphia – for being so wonderful about passing patron comments to us, both via phone and via a CSI [Customer Service Issue].  We had a donor who made a gift with his sub yesterday and, while he was speaking with the rep, mentioned an issue he was having with his benefits.  He’d never notified us of it before, but, because she put on a gift note and a CSI, I was able to contact him today to resolve the issue.  He was so pleased at how proactive we were, and that wouldn’t have been possible without you all!

    So, in short – I know you know we think you all are wonderful, but we definitely don’t say it enough – so please thank everyone over in Patron Services for me today for working as hard as they do and being as awesome as they are!"

    {Vice President Development}



    "At a recent committee meeting, a board member mentioned how easy it was to exchange tickets here.  The Met requires her to send her tickets back in a certified mail envelope. Unbelievable!  You guys are doing something right.... "

    (Director of Annual Giving)

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