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    Tessitura is an enterprise-wide software system designed by and for arts and culture organizations. Known for its flexibility and reliability, Tessitura provides an integrated solution for ticketing, customer relations management, marketing and fundraising.  It is used by the vast majority of the most prestigious and successful performing arts organizations in the English-speaking world including:  The Metropolitan Opera; Roundabout Theatre Company; American Ballet Theatre; John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts; Chicago Symphony Orchestra; Metropolitan Museum of Art; Steppenwolf Theatre Company; Carnegie Hall; New York City Ballet; Yale University; Sydney Opera House in Australia; and the United Kingdom’s Royal Opera House. Please visit this link to see a complete listing of Tessitura users: http://www.tessituranetwork.com/Users.aspx  

    Tessitura Features and Benefits
    Tessitura provides a customer focused, user friendly environment in which data flows seamlessly between ticketing operations, development and fundraising, and marketing. Customer service is enhanced, constituent relationships are improved, development campaigns can be highly organized, fundraising productivity is boosted, marketing is made more efficient, data entry is reduced, data transfer labor is eliminated and the financial systems and organization managers can receive the general ledger, performance reporting, sales and budgeting information they require on a real time basis. Marketing and fundraising targeting can be done based on any criteria, attribute or data point in the system. All data is maintained in complete synchronization on a real time basis.

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