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    Linda Forlini, Vice President

    lforlini@ticketphiladelphia.org, 215.875.7606


    Rebecca Farnham, Director of Patron Services

    rfarnham@ticketphiladelphia.org, 215.893.1986


    Brandon Yaconis, Director of Client Relations

    byaconis@ticketphiladelphia.org, 215.893.1920


    Daniel Ahearn Jr., Box Office Manager

    dahearnjr@ticketphiladelphia.org, 215.893.1999






    Patron Services


    Patron Services Staff may be contacted by phone at 215.893.1999, 215.875.7633 TTY, or email at patronservices@ticketphiladelphia.org.



    Greg McCormick, Training Manager

    gmccormick@ticketphiladelphia.org, 215.893.7619


    Meg Hackney, Patron Services Manager

    mhackney@ticketphiladelphia.org, 215.893.1962



    Lead Patron Services Representatives


    Meaghan Gonser

    Dani Rose



    Philadelphia Orchestra Priority Services Representative


    Elizabeth Jackson-Murray


    Patron Services Representatives


    Alexandra Boyle

    Matt Enters

    Karen Fleet

    Brand-I Curtis-McCloud

    Rui Dong-Scott

    Rachelle Seney



    Patron Services Associates


    Ethan Abrams Randi Alexis Hickey Colleen Marker
    Brittany Lee Stephanie Iozzia David Midgely
    Delaney Cassidy David Krater Michelle Neigut
    Lauren Davenport Robert Lawlor Justin Pullins
    Shinelle Graves Brittany Lee Janelle Saaybe
    Benjamin Hendeson   Nicholas Wainwright




    Client Relations & Business Development


    Catherine Pappas, Project Manager

    cpappas@ticketphiladelphia.org, 215.893.1966


    Jayson Bucy, Program and Web Manager

    jbucy@ticketphiladelphia.org, 215.893.1991


    Alex Heicher, Program and Web Coordinator

    aheicher@ticketphiladelphia.org, 215.893.1979


    Lindsay Krieg, Business Operations Coordinator

    lkrieg@ticketphiladelphia.org, 215.893.1871


    Steven Wallace, Quality Assurance Analyst








    Bridget Morgan, Accounting Manager



    Robin Lee, Staff Accountant







    Box Office





    Tad Dynakowski Patricia O'Connor Thomas Sharkey
    Michelle Carter Messa James Shelly


    Ticket Sellers


    Sean Bruton Michael Hamlet Debbie Perks
    Caitlin Crowley Jenny Lam High Walsh
    Nancy Crowley Debbie Lobel Michael Walsh
    Kevin Curran Maryann McCafferty Robert Ward 
      Rosemary Merlino